Centreville Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

a garbage disposal repair without having a Centreville plumberIf your garbage disposal gets clogged, it's often cheaper to just replace it than go through the arduous task of trying to replace it. There are a number of quality garbage disposals available from well-known manufacturers like Insinkerator, Waste King, Whirlaway, Sinkmaster, and KitchenAid. They're fairly affordable and you can install them yourself in a few hours if you have some basic hand tools and a little bit of knowledge about how to use them.

A Centreville Plumber Will Not Normally Be Needed

Before you begin your installation of the new model you'll need to remove the old one. Since most garbage disposals are electric you'll want to make sure there's no power going into the appliance before you start tinkering with it. It's recommended that you don't simply unplug it. Go down to the basement and turn off the breaker it's attached to. That will eliminate the chance of any accidental electrocution that might occur when you loosen the bolts and water pours out from the garbage disposal. It happens. 

Remove the old one and follow the instructions for putting in the new one. You'll want to make sure that everything is buttoned up tight before you turn the power back on and that the pipes attached to the lower end and drain above the new garbage disposal are unobstructed. Run some water before you test the device and make sure that it flows through properly, then go downstairs and turn the power back on. If you've done everything right, it should work just fine. 

A CAUTION About Liquid Drain Cleaners

a tech is removing an old garbage disposalIf, before you decided to replace your garbage disposal, you attempted to unclog your drain using a chemical liquid drain cleaner of some kind, you will want to wear gloves and possibly even a mask or goggles when you remove the old one. The fumes and chemicals which can spill on your hands could cause irritation or worse if inhaled or splashed into your eyes. To avoid that, make sure you have the proper safety equipment and take necessary precautions.